Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quicken install error 1721 resolution

After several days of exchanging emails with Quicken support regarding my installation issues, they mailed me an install CD. When that produced the same result, I did use their Online Chat. The website is lousy: when you go to support, and select the product Rental Property Manager, it doesn't offer chat support. But if you choose the product Quicken for Windows, and the version Rental Property Manager, chat is available. It took 20 minutes waiting in the chat queue, but then I had the complete attention of the support person who was able to slove this issue for me. I'll post the transcript here, in case it helps others (Google link bait):


Raj: Welcome to Quicken chat support. My name is Raj. Please give me a moment while I review the info you provided.
Raj: hI Stephen
Stephen Bywater: hello
Raj: How are you doing today?
Stephen Bywater: fine t
Stephen Bywater: ty
Raj: Good to know that.
Raj: If I understand you correctly, you are unable to install Quicken 2010 RPM, is that so?
Stephen Bywater: correct
Stephen Bywater: These things I have already tried, as suggested by email tech support:
Stephen Bywater: creating a new admin acct, deleting previous version manually
Stephen Bywater: running install as admin
Stephen Bywater: using the qcleanui util
Stephen Bywater: none of these solved the install issue. it quits reporting error 1721
Stephen Bywater: would you like the relevant part of the install log?
Raj: No Stephen, thank you for elaborating on the issue.
Raj: Are you installing Quicken using CD or Download?
Stephen Bywater: i tried the download. Then as a troubleshooting idea, support mailed me the CD. same error either way
Raj: Do you have the CD with you?
Stephen Bywater: yes
Raj: Lets try once more to clean Quicken once again and install using the CD by following some different steps. Do you have QCleanUI application with you?
Stephen Bywater: yes
Raj: Please run it once more and let me know if you are using HP Computer or Dell.
Stephen Bywater: Dell
Stephen Bywater: qcleanui
Stephen Bywater: sorry wrong window
Stephen Bywater: uninstallation completed successfully
Raj: Now, we need to follow some steps to delete the shared folders.
Raj: 1. Please click on Start button >> Computer.
2. On the Organize menu, select Folder and Search Options.
3. On the View tab, choose Show hidden files and folders.
4. Clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box.
5. Select OK.
Stephen Bywater: done
Raj: In the mean time, are you using 64 bit Vista or 32 bit?
Stephen Bywater: 64
Raj: Okay.
Stephen Bywater: i'm ready
Raj: 1. In the C:\Program Data\Intuit folder >>>> right-click the Quicken folder >>>>select Delete, and then confirm.
Stephen Bywater: done
Raj: 2. In the C:\Users\[your username folder]\Application Data\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken folder, select the Data folder, and then copy it to a safe location on your hard drive.

Note: You might not have a Data folder unless Quicken 2007 or Quicken 2008 is your first version of Quicken.

Stephen Bywater: Access is Denied
Raj: Are you login in as administrator ?
Stephen Bywater: to /{user}/Application Data
Stephen Bywater: yes, my acct is in admin
Raj: Please close all windows except this chat window and try to delete that Quicken folder once again.
Stephen Bywater: ok I was able to copy \AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\Data to new location
Raj: 3. In the C:\Users\[user]\Application Data\Roaming\Intuit folder, right-click the Quicken folder, select Delete, and then confirm.

Stephen Bywater: note I am deleting C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken...
Raj: Yes.
Stephen Bywater: Application Data is not accessible, but AppData is. ok deleted
Raj: 4. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each Windows user.
5. In the C:\Program Files folder, right-click the Quicken installation folder, select Delete, and then confirm.
6. Empty the Recycle Bin.
Stephen Bywater: done
Raj: Please open this link and run ENU (vcredist_x64.exe)
Stephen Bywater: installed it
Raj: Now, please insert the CD and don't auto run it. just browse the CD.
Stephen Bywater: ok
Raj: Do you see 'Disk 1' and 'Custom' folder there?
Stephen Bywater: yes
Raj: Please copy both folders and paste them to the desktop.
Stephen Bywater: cone copying
Stephen Bywater: done copying
Raj: Now, please open that Disk1 folder and double click on the Quicken 2010. MSI to start installation.
Stephen Bywater: ok... just accept all defaults as normal?
Raj: Please add 2010 just after Quicken and the location will be C:\ Program Files\Quicken2010 then continue the installation.
Stephen Bywater: installing to custom location now
Stephen Bywater: woot! installation is asking to check for updates! never got this far yet
Raj: Good news
Stephen Bywater: does install window disappear checking for updates?
Stephen Bywater: or is it all done?
Raj: Did you get any pop-up, like, done, or Use Quicken, like this?
Stephen Bywater: it gave the option to check for updates at the end of install, i clicked that, and window is gone now
Raj: Please wait for 2-3 minutes.
Stephen Bywater: ok brb
Raj: Okay.
Stephen Bywater: bak
Stephen Bywater: no indication that it is still updating
Raj: Okay
Raj: Do you see a Quicken icon on the desktop?
Stephen Bywater: no
Stephen Bywater: there is a Quicken 2010 folder in start menu, but it's empty
Raj: Please go to Start---->>all programs and check if there is any Quicken 2010 folder there,
Raj: Do you see any Quicken folder there?
Stephen Bywater: a Quicken 2010 folder, empty
Raj: Please go to C:\Program files\Quicken2010
Stephen Bywater: its in (x86), ok
Raj: Okay.
Raj: Do you see other files related to Quicken? or it is empty?
Stephen Bywater: Quicken 2010 dir has many files
Raj: Please keep that Quicken 2010 folder open and be on the desktop and open Disk 1 folder.
Stephen Bywater: ready
Raj: Sorry, please close that Disk1 folder and Open the Custom folder, open the AU_AD_Q folder, and then open the SKU folder.
Stephen Bywater: np got it
Raj: Open the folder for your version of Quicken. For example, if you are using Home and Business, open the HaB folder.
Open the Custom folder.
Stephen Bywater: RPM for me
Raj: Yes.
Stephen Bywater: ok there
Raj: Right click the splash.png or splash file and select Copy.
Stephen Bywater: copied
Raj: Now, go to that C:\Program files (x86)\Quicken2010 folder. Right click there and paste. Paste that splash file there.
Stephen Bywater: pasted
Raj: Now, double click on qw.exe file there and check if it opens Quicken.
Stephen Bywater: it says "There is a problem with your Quicken installation... Please uninstall Quicken, and install again."
Raj: Okay.
Raj: Please click on Start-->Control Panel-->Programs and features (Uninstall program)-->Locate Quicken and remove it.
Stephen Bywater: uninstalled
Raj: Now, try to install Quicken once again using autorun from the CD.
Stephen Bywater: installing...
Raj: Keep every setting default.
Stephen Bywater: it dropped icons on desktop this time
Stephen Bywater: install wizard is downloading latest Quicken updates...
Raj: It seems to be working this time, right?
Stephen Bywater: yes, progress
Raj: Lovely !
Stephen Bywater: indeed
Raj: Yes.
Stephen Bywater: Updating Quicken...
Stephen Bywater: Installation Complete! Launching
Raj: Okay.
Stephen Bywater: yeah. its giving me option to convert data to 2101
Stephen Bywater: 2010
Raj: Wonderful !!!!
Raj: You did it.
Stephen Bywater: yeah! Thanks so much for your help! :D
Raj: My pleasure...
Raj: Were we able to resolve the issue(s) that brought you to chat today?

Stephen Bywater: yes, definitely
Raj: It's always a pleasure to help our customers and I am glad I was able to resolve the issue for you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Quicken 2010: Intuit still making buggy software

Quicken sent a promo today to current owners of Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010 (which is essentially the same as normal Quicken with a few added features). I have a need/hate relationship with Quicken -- there is no love involved -- that I've blogged about in the past.

Since I've griped about problems with their software, I wanted to give their latest software a fair shake, and of course I had to pay $129 for the privilege. But the installation failed citing an Exit Code 1721. There is a button on the Install Wizard failure notification for "Online Help" but it only opens a browser to the Quicken homepage. Searching the Quicken website for exit code 1721 leaves no results.

Apparently Quicken doesn't play nice with Vista User Access Control. Even as an Administrator I can't uninstall the old version, or now, the new one. Quicken does provide a utility that cleans up the registry, but it doesn't delete the install directory. And, again even with Admin rights, neither can I.

So now can I not install the new version, I can't reinstall the old version, and I'm out $129 bucks.

Intuit doesn't offer live chat support for this product, so I've open up a ticket via email. They promise a response within one business day. Quicken, why do you suck so bad?