Monday, September 14, 2009

Hopefully Intuit Won't Shelve

Intuit, the makers of Quicken, announced they are buying web 2.0 darling I wrote about my concerns for last year, and apparently did a good job answering those. Congrats to Mint!

My concern now is that Intuit bought them just to shelve the Mint technology and eliminate a promising competitor. I use Quicken for all my finances, and love it for what it does: give me immediate insight into total net worth, track spending by category, and manage my rental properties. Nothing else out there can do that.

But there are some things about Quicken that just plain suck. They are infamous for regularly launching buggy software. For example, I'm running the latest release of Quicken Rental Property Manager on 64 bit Vista Home Premium, and the software never remembers my preferences. And it says I have 3 reminders, with a "View Reminders" button that, when clicked, brings me to a calendar view with no reminders on it.

I just tried to use Intuit's live chat for tech support for assistance with the above, and after forcing me to pick a support category even though my problem didn't fit any of them, it launched an IE window (even though Firefox is my default browser) that did not connect to anything. Support for Quicken is typically done through its user forums, which can be hit or miss.

So although it is the best thing out there for my specific needs, it is still an unsatisfying user experience, and I'd love for something better to come along. Apparently that won't be Hopefully Intuit will incorporate the best of Mint's quality technology into their own, instead of smugly shelving it.

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