Friday, November 21, 2008's double links fatal flaw

For 10 years now has been my primary source of news. But they've been dedicating more and more of their homepage to ads that *look* like articles. The banner ads I never mind. I understand they need to make money. But when they had "stories" on their home page that were links to CareerBuilder ever-green content, I got fed up and left (I was competing against CareerBuilder at the time).

I've been using since then. Their coverage is as good, sometimes notably better. For example, an article can sit on the tecnology section of CNN's homepage all weekend, because they don't have enough content to keep it fresher than that. On MSNBC the churn rate for technology articles is much greater.

But once you dig into an msnbc article, they use those very annoying double underlines links, that if you mouse over an you navigate around the page popup a distracting ad bubble that is completely irrelevant to the story. The double links don't appear on every article. A quick perusal shows them to be on only a minority of articles at the moment. But it's enough of a distraction to be a fatal flaw. When I'm reading, I want to focus on the content, not traversing a minefield of distraction.

Looks like the newest iteration of the cnn redesign doesn't include CareerBuilder fluff, and the ads are clearly marked, so it looks like I'll be switching back for now.

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