Monday, April 14, 2008

Odysseus in Firefox

I've been blogging here for 361 days. :D My first blog was about using Odysseus as a proxy server with IE for testing web pages. I shared that blog with some colleagues recently, and the balked because, you know, IE sucks. But you can use this great tool with Firefox or any HTTP tool, also.

First, download Odysseus, and run it so you can see the little Roman helmet in your system tray (Windows users). Its got a red ... feathery-decoration thingy on top. To turn that green, and thereby turn on this proxy server, right click on it and select "Interceptor."

To configure Firefox to temporarily use Odyssesus as a proxy server so that you can see, and edit, outgoing GET and POST requests, and to view the REPLY from the web server with all the headers, in Firefox choose Tools > Options... Advanced, Network, "Settings" button, select "Manual proxy configuration:" and enter "localhost" as the server and "50000" as the port. Confirm the dialog boxes.

Now, when you load a web page in Firefox, an Odysseus window will pop up letting you see (and edit) the HTTP data. Test away!

When you are all done, go back to your browser and turn the connection option back to normal.

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