Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wikia Search dead? was released January 7, 2008 as an open source search engine enhanced by user submitted content. But looking at, the wiki about the project, there has been no news in over a month. And the forums look dead too. This could be a really interesting project, but seems like the open source community hasn't embraced it yet. Maybe we're tired of Jimmy? Maybe he's tainted?

If anyone is interested in working on the concept of open search, I recommend Lucene which is the engine Wikia Search is based on, or solr which is an enhacement of lucene. I've done a solr proof of concept in the past several months, and I love what solr can do. I think I'll be spending time their. Google can't be the final solution to search.

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Angela Beesley said...

Hi Steve,

Wikia's mailing lists are the best place to look for updates on Wikia Search. The forums aren't used as much and the wiki is for developing mini-articles rather than talking about the projects now.

See especially this post from Jeremie for the latest news this week and some screenshots of the newest version of Wikia's search engine.