Tuesday, March 30, 2010

owasp-esapi-python configuration

I tried to send this issue to the esapi-python mailing list (after subscribing) but it doesn't look like that is a functioning list. So any help with the following would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your work on owasp-esapi-python! I am trying to integrate it into a project and will certainly spread the word to help drum up support for this as I make headway.

I've run into an issue during configuration:

When I do this at the python 2.6 interactive shell, it returns a single line of output...

>>> from esapi.core import ESAPI
>>> ESAPI.encryptor().gen_keys()
Creating new keys in /esapi/keyring/

The documentation leads me to believe that it will also output an Encryptor_MasterSalt but, if it's supposed to do that here, it isn't for me. Let me know any info I can provide. This is on Ubuntu 9.10.

Thanks in advance,
- Steve

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