Friday, March 20, 2009

No ESAPI in Python yet?

I'm considering Python for my next big project. I've been doing ColdFusion for the last 10 years but am liking the karma from open source. So I've been digging into the Python documentation, finished reviewing the Python Standard Library and the Django tutorials.

Next, I wanted to look at some reference implementations in Python as a way of further familiarizing myself with coding best practices. I had stumbled across an implementation of OAuth in Python last week but wasn't ready yet. Specifically, I wanted to look an a reference implementation of ESAPI, the Enterprise Security API from the brilliant folks at OWASP.

Surprisingly, all OWASP offered was the referece implementation in Java, plus some "under construction" pages for .Net and ColdFusion. Elsewhere on the web I found an implementation in pHp, but nothing in Python.

So I know the whole idea of open source depends on the community effort, but I'm not thinking ESAPI can be my first Python app. I'll work on gaining l33t Python skills, but in the mean time it'd be great to see ESAPI in Python. Django community, I nominate you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the OWASP ESAPI project has a full Python edition now.