Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google Analytics can't track Javascript support

AJAX is almost a definitive component of Web 2.0. I tend to be an asshole about security so I like my sites to degrade nicely for those users who have Javascript disabled. I was wondering today if I am a relic.

Digg, my favorite web 2.0 site, is unusable without Javascript. You can login and click around your profile ok, but you can't digg any stories. I'd call that core functionality.

Google maps work ok. Maybe not mashups of Google maps, but the site itself will display in street view and text links for zooming and panning. Nice degradation.

But how many people actually surf around without Javascript enabled? I use Google Analytics to measure the meager traffic I get to this blog, so I checked there first. But since Google Analytics measures traffic solely by Javascript, by definition they can't tell how many people on your siet don't have Javascript enabled. Those users are invisible to Google Analytics.

Looks like Omniture has worked around this issue, I'm checking to see if WebTrends via log analysis provides the data too.

I can't complain about a missing feature in a free service, it's just uncommon for Google to miss a trick.

PS: Blogger requires Javascript, as I discover trying to click the "Publish Post" button and get nothing. Time to enable Javascript again.

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Steve Bywater said...

Update: Omniture states that the Internet average for Javascript disabled is 5.9%, and that on RHW its a much lower .6%.